Images & Links to Share

Below are images (also video) and links that you can share via text and/or social media.

Share this image via mobile text message by:

  1. Touch & hold image
  2.  Choose Share
  3. Choose ‘text message’ icon
  4. Enter cell number to send to
  5. Add any message you would like
  6. To share on social media:
    repeat steps 1 & 2 then choose the icon for the social media account you’d like to share the image to.

Introductory Video

Share this vido via mobile text message by:

  1. Touch  on video image
  2.  Look for three dots in the upper right or in the middle of the screen
  3. Touch those dots (menu)
  4. Select ‘Share’
  5. Choose your sharing option(s)
  6. Alternate Method: Click on “Watch on YouTube” and then see the “Share’ Option under the video.